Psychiatric Practice Dr. med. Katharina Schönegger

Our mental and physical health constitute an entity.  Both need to be in balance. In case this balance is distorted, a loss of emotional (or psychological) stability can follow.

Emotional, psychological sufferings of many kinds are part of every human existence and can affect anyone of us in the course of our lifespan. In some cases one may need professional support.

My personal concern is to treat my patients in a holistic manner: i.e. to trace their bio-psycho-social context, to provide a precise diagnosis, to treat them according to the latest state of art and to accompany them through this difficult phase of their life. The therapy can be achieved through medication or in psychotherapeutic sessions.

I also consider it my task to provide my patients with medical consultation in cases of physical dysfuntions in order to help them re-construct their psycho- physical balance.

In the quiet and confidential atmosphere of my practice every patient shall find the time and the place where he or she will regain mental sanity, peace of mind and joie de vivre.